NBT Magazine nr 1 2020

WE LOVE THE CHALLENGE TO MAKE THE BEST OF IT IT’S ALL IN THE FAMILY All details come together in our projects focussed on the custo- mer’s final product requirements. I meet them when they are about to make decisions while testing in our bakery, and am involved in the fine-tuning of the lines and training the operators all over the world. My years of experience in the bakery world create the link between technique and technology. We love the challenge and it is amazing to feel the confidence that we will make the best out of it. Verhoeven Bakery Equipment Family has a long and succesful history of tailor-made development, engineering and production for the food industry. In the bakery market the family labels have established a strong position due our innovation and creative turnkey solutions. We sell high end production lines and state-of-the-art machines. Developed and made by a wonder- ful team of dedicated people. They make us proud. We would love to show you why. we make to bake Jan de Groot Bakery Technologist VERHOEVEN Bakery Equipment Family THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE MACHINES VERHOEVEN FAMILY OF COMPANIES WWW.VERHOEVENFAMILY.COM The Netherlands - T +31(0)412 630 545 - info@verhoevenfamily.com