NBT nr4 2018 online

Visit us on stand A1.231 Optimized baking results, consistency in process, lower costs and smarter production: that is what Kaak Group can help you achieve. We have been at the forefront of bakery automation for over a century now. Today we find ourselves on the digital highway, giving you the tools to control the heartbeat of your business. Come and visit us at IBA and we’ll show you how! Kaak Group proudly presents: The Smart Baking Experience F ROM S I LO T O T R U C K Ka a k F P S | Ka a k B a k ewa r e | B e n i e r | D r i eM | Da u b | MC S | L h o t e l l i e r R 2A | Mu l t i p a r t s T u r n K e y C o n c e p t