NBT nr 6-2022 Online

HANDLING Conveying Robotizing Depanning END OF LINE Packaging solutions System integration CONDITIONING Cooling / Freezing Vacuum Cooling The Ne t he r l ands - T +31 ( 0 ) 412 630 545 - i n f o@ve r hoeven f ami l y. com MAKE UP Laminating Sheeting lines Universal lines Donut lines Pie lines Verhoeven Bakery Equipment Family has a long and succesful history of tailor-made development, engineering and production for the food industry. In the bakery market the family labels have established a strong position due our innovation and creative turnkey solutions. We sell high end production lines and state-of-the-art machines. Developed and made by a wonderful team of dedicated people. They make usproud.Wewouldlovetoshowyouwhy. IT’S ALL IN THE FAMILY we make to bake PRE-CONDITIONING Product conditioning Proofing VERHOEVEN BAKERY EQUIPMENT FAMILY WWW.VERHOEVENFAMILY.COM